meetingAny company is only as good as the resources available to it. These resources come in many different forms physical resources, ranging from the dimplest tool to the most sophisticated equipment, financial resources and most important of all human resources. PT Silkar's image is based on a strong spirit of cooperation among all levels of our work force, right from our newest recruits to our most experienced executives.  This sense of belonging increases our efficiency and effectiveness in handling each successive project.

Our aim is to develop each employee to his or her maximum potential through a series of intensive practical training programs designed both to improve on the job skills and to give a greater understanding of Silkar's activities in general. The results of our training programs are clearly enjoyed by customers. Clients have often remarked on the competence of our workforce and on their determination to do the best possible job. We pride ourselves in being professional in every aspect of our work, from project management to the smallest on site detail.